Pageants 4

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  1. A Church, A Town; Illuminated Pageant of Dartford and its Parish Church
    The Pageant repeated one held three years earlier with a number of additional or edited scenes, such as one featuring the 1968 Flood. Dartford had previously held pageants in 1932 and 1951.

  2. The Historical Pageant of British Music, 1200-1682
    The Cambridge Historical Pageant of British Music was one of hundreds of pageants held up and down the country during the Festival year, though no other pageant was specifically dedicated to music....

  3. White Castle Pageant
    There is unfortunately little information about this interesting early, and sizeable, Welsh pageant beyond the book of words, although there may well be significant press coverage in local Newport ...

  4. Illuminated Pageant of Dartford and its Parish Church
    Church pageants remained quite popular into the 1960s and 1970s (see St Wilfrid's (1965)). This is an example of one such pageant, focusing on the religious history of Holy Trinity Church, Dartford...