Pageants 4

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  1. Army Pageant
    The Army Pageant, London, was a major and ambitious spectacle, performed 21 times in the summer of 1910. It was a leviathan effort in all respects, but did not seem to make a profit—and was, as suc...

  2. Derbyshire Coronation Pageant
    Excerpts from Shakespeare’s history plays were a very common feature of historical pageantry, one example being the Southampton Quincentenary Pageant of 1947, which began with the trial scene from ...

  3. The Dover Pageant
    Dover’s staging of a historical folk-play in 1908 was a nationally important and spectacular example of an Edwardian town gripped by ‘pageantitis’. Directed by the original master himself, Louis Na...

  4. Heritage Pageant
    There had been pageants at Chailey put on by the Heritage Craft Schools for lame and crippled children in 1919, 1920, and 1922, though these had all been processional.