Southbourne County Primary School, Festival Pageant 1951

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Place: Southbourne Country Primary School (Southbourne) (Southbourne, Sussex, England)

Year: 1951

Indoors/outdoors: Unknown

Number of performances: n/a


Summer 1951

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1. Stone Age

2. Romans

3. Saxons and Vikings

4. Bosham over 900 years ago and Edward the Confessor

5. Godwin’s departure from Thorney to Flanders

6. A Rent day in Bourne in 1100

7. Story of Saint Richard

8. Richard Healing a paralytic boy.

9. The Miracle of the Wells

10. How Hermitage got its name

11. Charles II at Racton

12. Smugglers of Prinsted

13. Our First School

Key historical figures mentioned

  • Edward [St Edward; known as Edward the Confessor] (1003x5–1066) king of England
  • Godwine [Godwin], earl of Wessex (d. 1053) magnate
  • Wyche, Richard of [St Richard of Chichester] (d. 1253) bishop of Chichester
  • Charles II (1630–1685) king of England, Scotland, and Ireland

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None known

Other primary published materials

  • Southbourne County Primary School, Festival Pageant 1951. Episodes in the History of Bourne. Emsworth, 1951.

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Archival holdings connected to pageant

  • Copy of Programme in West Sussex Record Office, Chichester

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1951 was a big year for historical pageants, with many communities around the country putting on performances in association with the Festival of Britain (see entries for Rushden, Brighton, and Headley). The Southbourne pageant was one such example, illustrating the involvement of schools in a number of these events.


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