Pageants 3

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  1. Tatsfield Church Pageant
    This was a very small church pageant. Its main claim to fame was that its cast included two members of the great Liberal dynasty, the Bonham-Carters: Margaret and Rosemary. Small though it was, how...

  2. A Church, A Town; Illuminated Pageant of Dartford and its Parish Church
    The Pageant repeated one held three years earlier with a number of additional or edited scenes, such as one featuring the 1968 Flood. Dartford had previously held pageants in 1932 and 1951.

  3. Church History Pageant, Great Bookham
    Churches were involved in the pageant movement from the outset. For parish churches like St Nicolas, in Great Bookham, pageants offered a means of celebrating the long continuities of Christian wor...