Pageant of Northumberland History

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  • Alnwick Pageant

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The pageant was organised by the Berwick-Upon-Tweed division of the Conservative and Unionist Association.

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Place: Alnwick Castle (Alnwick) (Alnwick, Northumberland, England)

Year: 1928

Indoors/outdoors: Outdoors

Number of performances: 1


6 September 1928

  • Alnwick Castle is the ancestral home of the Dukes of Northumberland (the Percy family).
  • The pageant was held in the afternoon of the first day of a 2-day long fete.

Name of pageant master and other named staff

  • Pageant Master: Todd, A.J.K.


Captain A.J.K. Todd was pageant master as he had been for the pageants held in Alnwick in 1925 and 1927.1 Todd was the Conservative Party agent in Alnwick.2

Names of executive committee or equivalent


Details of committee members have not been recovered; it may be assumed that the committee was made up of members of the local Conservative Party.

Names of script-writer(s) and other credited author(s)

Names of composers


Numbers of performers

Financial information

The pageant and fete made a profit of £1700.5

Object of any funds raised

It is likely that the event raised money for the activities of the local Conservative and Unionist Association.

Linked occasion


Audience information

  • Grandstand: Not Known
  • Grandstand capacity: n/a
  • Total audience: n/a

Prices of admission and seats: highest–lowest

A fete accompanied the pageant; this included sideshows and a refreshment tent and it took place over two days. The pageant was the major attraction on the first day, and a concert was held on the second day of the fete.6

Associated events


Pageant outline

Key historical figures mentioned


Musical production

A male voice choir performed.7 An orchestra performed at the pageant held in 1927; although mention of this is made in available press coverage in 1928, this is likely to have again been the case.

Newspaper coverage of pageant

Aberdeen Press and Journal

The Manchester Guardian

Berwick Advertiser

Yorkshire Post

Book of words


It is unlikely that a book of words was produced. No pageant-associated literature has been recovered.

Other primary published materials


References in secondary literature


None noted.

Archival holdings connected to pageant

  • The Northumberland Archives in Ashington has photographs of this event held at Alnwick in unspecified years at the following shelfmarks: CES 10/8/1; CES 10/8/1 and MOR/MU/215/129.

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This pageant was staged as part of a two day-long fete held in the grounds of the ruined Alnwick Abbey. Similar events had been held in 1925 and 1927 near the ruins of Alnwick Abbey as a fundraiser for the local Conservative Party. It appears to have been a success and so was staged again in 1928: this time at Alnwick Castle. The Duchess of Northumberland opened the fete and the pageant took place on the fete's first day.8 It is possible that the pageant held in 1928 was larger than that of 1927; however, it was only held once, whereas in 1927 there had been a repeat performance on the same day. In 1928, the entire pageant was relayed live on BBC radio, so it is likely that music was a large part of the show.9 Programmes for the Alnwick pageants have not been recovered; therefore, we do not have details of their content.


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