Pageant of the Palace of Bishop’s Waltham

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Staged by the Junior Imperial League and Junior Members of the Choir of the Parish Church

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Place: Bishop's Waltham Palace (Bishop's Waltham) (Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire, England)

Year: 1937

Indoors/outdoors: Outdoors

Number of performances: n/a


30 June 1937

The pageant was in the rectory garden of the palace.

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  • Copy of programme held in Hampshire Archives, Winchester, reference 30M77/PG20.

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Very little is known about this pageant, but it is interesting as an example of a local pageant staged in conjunction with a political organisation: the Junior Imperial League. Founded in 1906, this body was associated with the Conservative party and had grown to be of some significance by the interwar period, claiming a membership of about a quarter of a million by the 1930s.1 It focused on appealing to young people in particular, offering social events as well as an opportunity to become involved in grassroots political activism. It would seem that pageants were among the social activities in which it was involved, in this case in conjunction with a church choir.


  1. ^ For the activities and significance of the Junior Imperial League, see Claude Fredrick Scott, ‘Caring about the British Empire: British Imperial Activist Groups, 1900-1967, with Special Reference to the Junior Imperial League and the League of Empire Loyalists’, PhD dissertation, King’s College London (2014).

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