Pageants 656

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  1. A Masque of Montrose
    This one-off pageant took place in Links Park, Montrose. The pageant master was the Rev. Charles Murray Stewart.

  2. A Rose for a Crown
    This pageant was organised as the opening event of a fete held by the East Fife Unionist and Liberal Association. 

  3. Pageant of Musselburgh
    The pageant took place as part of a common ridings festival.d

  4. Historical Pageant of Inverurie
    Little is known about this pageant, but what appears to have been an early draft of the script is held in Aberdeen University Special Collections.d

  5. 750th Anniversary Pageant, Kirkintilloch
    There is very little information about this pageant.

  6. Dean Village Pageant
    The pageant took place alongside a fete.

  7. 600th Anniversary Pageant, Banff
    The pageant was held to mark the 600th anniversary of Banff becoming a Royal Burgh.

  8. Pageant of the Kingdom of Carrick
    It is probable that this pageant was cancelled: there was no news coverage except some reports ahead of the event to say that there had been a lack of interest expressed. The kingdom of Carrick for...

  9. Aberystwyth Peace Pageant
    The Aberystwyth and Cardiganshire Peace Pageant of 1935 took place in the ruins of the 13th-century castle. Performed only once, but to a full audience, it was judged an artistic and emotive succes...

  10. The Pageant of Abinger
    The Abinger Pageant is probably the most written-about pageant due to the two figures behind its creation, E.M. Forster and Ralph Vaughan Williams. In discussing this pageant, the literature has te...

  11. Pageant of Sport
    Abinger’s previous pageant had been held in 1934 and was famously written by E.M. Forster, a local resident, with music provided and conducted by Ralph Vaughan Williams, who had been born in the lo...

  12. Adel Church Octocentenary
    Adel is a small, semi-rural suburb in the north of Leeds, West Yorkshire, which stretches across the River Wharfe. The name comes from its Saxon settlers, Adel or Adele meaning a ‘dirty muddy place...

  13. Andover Coronation Celebrations
    The 1953 Coronation was an important occasion for historical pageantry in the 1950s. This was one of many relatively small-scale pageants staged across the UK at this time. As is clear from film fo...

  14. A Pageant of Anglesey
    The Pageant of Anglesey took place in June 1951, as an auxiliary event of the Festival of Britain—a commemoration of the Great Exhibition of 1851. It was one of many events, including pageants in C...

  15. A Pageant of Sport through the Ages
    A Pageant of Sport through the Ages was a small event held by the St John’s School in Warminster, Wiltshire, most likely in 1982.1 It was a cross between a school fete and a sports day, the histori...

  16. Arbroath Historical Pageant, 1947
    In 1947, when the Arbroath Abbey Pageant was held, the after-effects of World War II and the austerity that affected the British population were an everyday reality—a fact pointed out by one corres...

  17. Mary Queen of Scots Pageant
    The pageant formed one element of a fete in aid of the Scottish League of Pity. There was news coverage in the Scotsman.

  18. Scottish National Pageant of Allegory, Myth and History
    This was a fundraiser for the Scottish League of Pity, and was advertised in the Dundee Courier and the Scotsman newspapers. The pageant may have been processional in form, but it is not clear from...

  19. Pageant of the Bruce
    During the Scottish Exhibition of National History, Art and Industry, two short pageant plays were staged (Pageant of the Bruce in September and Thomas the Rhymer in October) A further play about R...

  20. Thomas the Rhymer
    During the Scottish Exhibition of National History, Art and Industry, two short pageant plays were staged (Pageant of the Bruce in September and Thomas the Rhymer in October) A further play about R...