This Precious Stone: A Pageant Play of Guildford

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Performed by the Guildford Youth Committee

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Place: Technical College hall, Stoke Park (Guildford) (Guildford, Surrey, England)

Year: 1944

Indoors/outdoors: Indoors

Number of performances: 5


23–27 May 1944

Name of pageant master and other named staff

  • Director [Pageant Master]: Thorndike, Eileen
  • Assistant Director: Frances Paton-Hood
  • Musical Director: M.S. Chesterfield
  • Stage Manager: J. Thomas
  • Properties: R. Cross
  • Lighting: Mark White and J. Martin
  • Executive Officer: F.S. Tosswill
  • Organiser: Thomas O. Pope


Names of executive committee or equivalent


Names of script-writer(s) and other credited author(s)

  • Codd, Leslie
  • Ligett, M.D.
  • Nicklin, C.E.


Names of composers


Numbers of performers


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Audience information

  • Grandstand: Not Known
  • Grandstand capacity: n/a
  • Total audience: n/a

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Pageant outline

Act One: A Room in A Large House in Guildford, 1944

Act Two: Royal Manor, Guildford Park, 1489

Act Three: A Meadow in Guildford, 1569

Act Four

Scene One: St Nicholas Parish, Guildford, 1574

Scene Two: Abbot’s Hospital, Guildford, 1627

Act Five: The Guildhall, Guildford, 1660

Act Six: The Red Lion, Guildford, 1668

Act Seven: Angel Inn, Guildford, April 1740.

Act Eight: Alice in Wonderland, scene is the Court of the King of Hearts

Act Nine: The Present Mayor and Corporation of Guildford

Act Ten: Grand Finale. Spirit of Guildford and March-Past

Key historical figures mentioned

  • Henry III (1207–1272) king of England and lord of Ireland, and duke of Aquitaine
  • Edward III (1312–1377) king of England and lord of Ireland, and duke of Aquitaine
  • Henry VII (1457–1509) king of England and lord of Ireland
  • Elizabeth [née Elizabeth Woodville] (c.1437–1492) queen of England, consort of Edward IV
  • Elizabeth I (1533–1603) queen of England and Ireland
  • Charles II (1630–1685) king of England, Scotland, and Ireland

Musical production

Performed pieces included Edward Carpenter, ‘England Arise’

Newspaper coverage of pageant

Surrey Advertiser

Book of words


Other primary published materials


Guildford Youth Committee presents This Precious Stone: A Pageant Play of Guildford. Guildford, 1944. [price 3d]

References in secondary literature


Archival holdings connected to pageant

  • This Precious Stone Memorabilia Album, Reference 5211/1

    Surrey History Centre, Woking

  • Correspondence between the author Leslie Codd and Miss Liggett, Guildford Chief Librarian and others, Reference 5428/1/

    Surrey History Centre, Woking

  • Typescript, Reference 5428/1/1/15-69

    Surrey History Centre, Woking

Sources used in preparation of pageant

  • Blackstone, William, The Great Charter. London, 1759.
  • Pepys, Samuel, Diary. London, 1660
  • Russell, G.W. and J., ‘A Descriptive and Historical View of Guildford’, 1845


This pageant was put on by the Guildford Youth Committee. A film of the pageant was made, but the editing took a great deal of time. It was finally shown at the Gaumont British Cinema, Wardour Street on 27 March 1946 at 11am.1


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