Old Chiddingford: A Village pageant Play

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Place: Old Chiddingford (Chiddingford) (Chiddingford, Sussex, England)

Year: 1921

Indoors/outdoors: Unknown

Number of performances: 2


22 and 23 June 1921 at 1.30pm

Name of pageant master and other named staff

  • Written by [Pageant Master]: Robertson, W. Graham
  • Music Composed by: Thomas F. Dunhill
  • Producer: Mrs Kendall and Lieut-Col. R.E. Ramsden
  • Maypole Dance Arranged by: Mrs. Macklin
  • Costumes by: Mrs Broughton and Mrs Carter
  • Licenced by Lord Chamberlain

Names of executive committee or equivalent


Names of script-writer(s) and other credited author(s)

  • Robertson, W. Graham

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Financial information


Object of any funds raised

All Profits were to go to funds for erecting a village hall

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Audience information

Prices of admission and seats: highest–lowest


Associated events

  • Fun Fair
  • Stalls
  • Exhibition Boxing
  • Physical Exercises
  • Side-Shows
  • Photography
  • Dancing

Pageant outline

Episode 1: The Forest Folk

Episode 2: The Coming of the Priest

Episode 3: The Worm of Wormley Hill and Luck of Hydon Ball [A Faery Masque]

Episode 4: The passing of Richard Peyto, Glassmaker

Episode 5: The Soldiers of Cromwell

Episode 6: The Beacon

Key historical figures mentioned


Musical production

Guildford Symphony Orchestra conducted by Captain Claud Powell

Newspaper coverage of pageant


Book of words

Old Chiddingford: A Village pageant Play. Guildford, 1921.

Other primary published materials


References in secondary literature

  • Historical Pageantry for 100 Years, Get Surrey, 24 June 2005, accessed 23 May 2016, http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/local-news/historical-pageantry-for-100-years-4845540

Archival holdings connected to pageant

  • Copy of Book of Words and Flyer in Surrey History Centre, Woking, reference CHID/23/36

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This was small-scale village pageant, typical of many of those put on in southern England in the interwar period. It was likely a success, since it was repeated in 1922 and 1923. Its Pageant Master, W. Graham Robertson, went on to direct the Guildford Pageant (1925).


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