Needham Market Pageant

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Place: Crowley Park (Needham Market) (Needham Market, Suffolk, England)

Year: 1932

Indoors/outdoors: Unknown

Number of performances: n/a


(Summer?) 1932

Name of pageant master and other named staff

  • Producer [Pageant Master]: Butcher, Henry
  • Organisers: I. Theobald and Mrs R.A. Quinton

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  • Platten, E.W.

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In aid of Needham Market Congregational Church

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Pageant outline

Episode I. Arrival of Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem, c.1150

Episode II. The injustices of King John, 1215.

Episode III. The granting of a market to Needham by Henry III, 1245.

Episode IV. The visit of Queen Elizabeth from Helmingham to Coldham Hall, 1563.

Episode V. The History of Congregationalism in Needham

  • a) The arrest of Rev. John Fairfax, 1670
  • b) His release
  • c) The chapel fallen into disrepair and used as a playhouse, 1793


Key historical figures mentioned

  • Elizabeth I (1533–1603) queen of England and Ireland
  • Fairfax, John (1623/4–1700) clergyman and ejected minister

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None known

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Archival holdings connected to pageant

  • Photographs and newspaper cuttings, Suffolk Record Office, Reference K 635/1,2.

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Although there is very little information on this pageant, an unspecified local newspaper made the following comments on the event:

it was impossible to judge the quality of the dramatic dialogue owing to the fact that much of what was spoken was imperfectly audible. The scene depicting Queen Elizabeth’s visit was particularly handicapped in this way, only an occasional isolated word of the Queen’s utterances reaching the ear. This was a pity, because the episode obviously contained the elements of dramatic effectiveness.1

The pageant appeared to be an event involving the community as a whole, rather than something merely organised by local nonconformists, with only the final episode detailing the struggles of nonconformists in the town. That said, the pageant should probably been seen as part of a rich heritage of nonconformist pageantry in Britain in the first half of the twentieth century, notable landmarks of which included the Pageant of Northampton Nonconformity (1910), the Faith and Freedom Pageant of London (1926), the Ilston Pageant (Wales, 1936), and Light Over England (London, 1938).

Nearby Helmingham Hall held a pageant the following year.


1. ^ News cutting, nd., in Suffolk Record Office, Reference K 635/1,2.

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