East Horsley Pageant

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Place: Grounds of Horsley Towers (East Horsley) (East Horsley, Surrey, England)

Year: 1936

Indoors/outdoors: Outdoors

Number of performances: 1


4 July 1936 at 3pm

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  • Pageant Master: Kitching, Alan
  • Director of Music: Edith M. Bathurst
  • Recorder: Rev. W.J. Right

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900th anniversary of St Martin’s Church

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Prologue. AD 400. Saint Martin of Tours

Scene I. AD 1036. Building of the Church

Scene II. Thored Presents the Manor of Horsley to the Archbishop of Canterbury

Scene III. AD 1129. Edith’s Gift

Scene IV. AD 1152. Roger of Horsley Leases the Manor from the Archbishop

Scene V. 12th Century. The Enlargement of the Church

Scene VI. AD 1317. The Prior and his Friends go hunting. Pilgrims call at the Church on their Way to Canterbury

Scene VII. Procession of Monuments


Scene VIII. AD 1699. Denny Muchamp, owner of Rowbarnes Manor and Bishop’s Manor, marries Lady Lanesborough, owner of Horsley Manor

Scene IX. AD 1800-40. William Currie builds a New Manor. Lord Lovelace buys it, rebuilds it, and gives a garden party.

Scene X. The Great War. The British Legion and the Roll of Honour. The Ghosts of the Past return and Procession of Players.

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Other primary published materials

  • Programme for East Horsley Pageant commemorating the 900th anniversary of St Martin's church, East Horsley, held at Horsley Towers, 4 Jul 1936. Nd., 1936. [price 6d].

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  • Copy of Programme in Surrey History Centre, Woking. Reference 7297/1.

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In the interwar period, village pageants were notably popular in Surrey. This is an example of one such pageant. Staged just once, it was like many such pageants closely associated with the local parish church. Indeed in this case the pageant was put on to commemorate its nine hundredth anniversary. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the focus of its narrative was very much on local religious history, and on the Lords of the local manor, with which the church was closely associated. Performed in the grounds of Horsley Towers, the pageant constituted— it seems likely—a socially conservative celebration of traditional rural society against a background of a rapid spread of suburban development which saw Surrey's population mushroom during the inter-war period.


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