The Tiger and the Deer; an Historical Pageant for the Borough of Hillingdon

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Place: Hayes Sports Stadium (Hillingdon) (Hillingdon, Middlesex, England)

Year: 1966

Indoors/outdoors: Outdoors

Number of performances: 3


15–17 September 1966 

Name of pageant master and other named staff

  • Director [Pageant Master]: Low, Andrew
  • Assistant Director: Susan Beavan
  • Musical Director: Michael Rose
  • Chief Wardrobe Mistress: Mrs K. Mather
  • Sound Director: Ted Emblow
  • Art Director: Leslie Nind
  • Lighting Director: E. Marshall
  • Stage Manager and Properties Master: Arthur Hinks

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  • Barnett, Tony
  • Goodwin, Jessica M.
  • Holdsworth, A. Bryan
  • Wakely, Richard

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Pageant outline

Part One

The River Dwellers (late Neolithic)

The Eagles, AD 407

The Dark Ages, AD 400-700

The Abbey of Bec, AD 1095

Anselm and William Rufus, AD 1095

The Uxbridge Martyrs, AD 1555

Madrigals at Harlington, AD 1588

Part Two

A Game of Football, AD 1576

Elizabeth at Drayton, AD 1602

A Mishap for Sir Robert Vyner, AD 1678

The Nonconformist, AD 1750

Steam and Navigation (Early 19th Century)

The Tiger and the Deer (the formation of the Borough)

Key historical figures mentioned

  • Anselm [St Anselm] (c.1033–1109) abbot of Bec and archbishop of Canterbury
  • William II [known as William Rufus] (c.1060–1100) king of England
  • Elizabeth I (1533–1603) queen of England and Ireland
  • Vyner [Viner], Sir Robert, baronet (1631–1688) goldsmith and banker
  • Byrd, William (1539x43–1623) composer
  • Wesley [Westley], John (1703–1791) Church of England clergyman and a founder of Methodism

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Book of words

The Tiger and the Deer; an Historical Pageant for the Borough of Hillingdon: Souvenir Edition of Text and Production. Uxbridge, 1966.

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  • Copy of Book of Words in the British Library

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A number of pageants were held in the post-war years at Stanmore (1950) Streatham (1951), Wealdstone (1956), Finsbury (1960) and Croydon (1960), emphasizing the distinct histories of the particular areas from the metropolis, at a time when urban sprawl was threatening to overwhelm the unique character of the area. The episode featuring the Tudor football match was a reference to the World Cup being held in London at that time.


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