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Information drawn from 'Survey of Historical Pageants' undertaken by Mick Wallis; with thanks to Heather Constance of Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre.

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Place: The Green (?) (Mitcham) (Mitcham, Surrey, England)

Year: 1922

Indoors/outdoors: Outdoors

Number of performances: 1


22 June 1922

The venue of the pageant performance was probably Mitcham Cricket Green.

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  • Director [Pageant Master]: Devenish, Mrs Weston

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The Coronation of King George V.

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  • Street procession
  • Sports events

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Key historical figures mentioned

  • Elizabeth I (1533–1603) queen of England and Ireland

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  • Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre holds a copy of the programme, as well as some photographs.

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This is an early example of an historical pageant held to celebrate a coronation, in this case that of George V in 1911. The years before the First World War saw great enthusiasm for all things Elizabethan. This was reflected in rising popularity of mock-Tudor architecture, the ‘Merrie England’ preoccupations of the folk song and dance revival, and the burgeoning of an increasingly commodified Shakespeare cult. These were the years that saw Stratford-upon-Avon establish itself as a major tourist destination, and the staging of ‘Shakespeare’s England’, a massively elaborate summer-long exhibition at Earl’s Court in London, featuring life-size models of Tudor buildings and a replica of the Revenge, one of the ships that helped fend off the Spanish Armada in 1588.1

The focus of the Mitcham pageant accorded with such developments; indeed, the pageant was entirely concentrated on the Elizabethan period, paying particular attention to one of the several visits to the locality made by the queen. The action culminated with a scene portraying the bringing of the news that the Spanish Armada had set sail for England.

Photographs from the time indicate that there was also a procession of performers through Mitcham.

1 Paul Readman, ‘The place of the Past in English Culture, c.1890-1914’, Past and Present, 186 (2005), esp. 166-8


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